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This is the personal web site of Pierre-Olivier Latour a.k.a. Pol!

Welcome to this web site which is essentially a repository of various projects I am or have been involved with since 1996. It had been left mostly untouched since 2003, but it finally got its long overdue makeover. It's now running on top of Joomla 1.5 instead of my previous home backed solution, which should make content updating a lot easier - stay tuned for updates!

After living in France and Switzerland for many years, then in the Silicon Valley (USA) for close to 7 years, and after working 5+ years at Apple, Inc. as an Engineering Manager on various projects, then in Tokyo (Japan) for Cooliris, Inc. for 2 years, I am now back to my entrepreneurial roots with Everpix.

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Enjoy your visit!
- Pol